Updated on 30.09.2023

Joy Services , we strive to provide our customers with the highest level of satisfaction for our cloud services. We understand that there may be circumstances where refunds are requested, and we are committed to addressing such cases in a fair and transparent manner.

Refund Policy

1. Eligibility for Refunds:

  1. Refunds can be requested within 30 days of the initial purchase or subscription renewal.
  2. To be eligible for a refund, the customer must provide a valid reason that demonstrates our failure to deliver the promised services or a significant technical issue that remains unresolved despite reasonable efforts from our support team.

2. Non-Refundable Services and Products:

  1. Customized or personalized services that have been specifically developed to meet the customer's unique requirements may not be eligible for a refund.
  2. Third-party software or applications that are not a part of our standard cloud services are also non-refundable.

3. Refund Process:

  1. To request a refund, customers must contact our customer support team by email or through our designated support channels.
  2. Refund requests must include the customer's name, contact information, and a detailed explanation of the reason for the request.
  3. Our support team will review the request and may request additional information or clarification, if necessary.
  4. Upon approval of a refund, the funds will be credited back to the original payment method used for the purchase. Please note that this process may take up to 14 business days.

4. Prorated Refunds:

  1. In the case of cancellation or downgrade during the subscription period, the refund will not be initiated of remaining unused portion of the service.
  2. Any additional expenses, such as third-party fees or taxes incurred during the usage of our services, will be deducted from the refund amount.

5. Disputed Charges:

  1. If a customer believes that an unauthorized or fraudulent charge has been made, they should immediately notify our customer support team to initiate an investigation.
  2. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate services until the investigation is complete, and refunds will be issued accordingly based on the findings.

Please note that this refund policy may be subject to change, and any revisions will be communicated on our website or through direct communication with our customers.